The value of painting, for me, is that it requires us to achieve a state of stillness in order to really see it—and from the creative side, to manifest anything resembling truth.


Because the process of drawing and painting is essentially the same now as in prehistoric times—or in recent centuries throughout the world—we as artists can feel part of a continuum of creative expression that captures our basic humanity.


I try to distill my abstract visual vocabulary down to the most basic elements of lines, shapes, marks, patterns and color textures—with an almost childlike directness.


My art has long tried to evoke multiple potential associations without intentionally referencing the objective world, and without consciously guiding the hand.


Composition, balancing intersecting elements of visual force, and simplifying complex layers of decision that build successively, are perhaps the main challenges I face as a painter.


Content-wise, literal meaning will not be found in my work. I’m interested in coaxing the viewer to see differently. When one cannot easily label and categorize what one is looking at, one has to either move on or stop and attempt to really see what is there.


I like to see in art ample doses of fun and irony, and find the emphasis on theory in art education to be counter to art’s nature as a visual medium, concerned largely with emotion and associative insights.


The images are a sampling of past and current works. I intend to add others from time to time.


©  2014    Ted Twine