Born in Gifu, Japan on October 25, 1950 (legal birth date: November 28, 1950)


Mother Japanese (b. 1917, Manchuria; d. 2006),

Father African-American (b. 1919, Staten Island, NY; d. 1996)


Attended public schools in San Pedro (Los Angeles), California


College: UCLA, ICU (Tokyo), UC Santa Barbara; B.A., Asian Studies, 1976


Art education: UC Santa Barbara, studied primarily with William Dole; otherwise, mostly self-taught


Exhibition history: view here


Representation for paintings: TransVagrant (www.TransVagrant.com), Los Angeles;

Ron Linden, director (ronmon@dslextreme.com)


Professional experience: spent 12 years at the University of Southern California as an art director and later, Associate Director of Communications at the USC Marshall School of Business; freelance work as a graphic designer; currently principal of Funn Design and Consulting (www.funn.com), which develops graphic products suitable for promoting brands to existing constituents and customers


Family: Married to Carrie Twine since 1990; son Mo (B.A., Tufts; M.F.A., USC), a partner in The Acme Catalog in Brooklyn, NY; son Max (B.A., Tufts; J.D., UVA), an associate at Taylor & Co., SF; daughter Sachi (Yale, class of 2015)


Pet: Wuzzy, a furry black cat


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